Our Trip to the Land Next to the Land Down Under (or OTttLNttLDU if you will…)

Day 1 – 16/17 February 2017

So. New Zealand. It’s an island in the Pacific. Well, islands. With a nice bridge in-between. It is currently 10:30 in the morning, New Zealand time, which is actually 23:30 in normal speaking (GMT +2). The flight here took forever and we are literally the diameter of the planet away from either home. It’s weird. I have never been out of GMT or GMT+2. Now the days and nights have been swapped around. Luckily I slept on the 15-and-a-bit hour flight. I am now just waiting or the jet lag to hit me. Many people say that it only comes the day after, but I wouldn’t know as I’ve never had it.


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