Who needs legs anyway?

Airlines. Particularly commercial airlines. They are cramped, we all know this. I personally believe that commercial airline engineers and decorators or whatever they’re called, think that we, their passengers, are midgets. I’m sure of it.

Me, being freakishly tall, have it even harder. No matter what position I am in, I just can’t get comfortable. Neither sitting nor reclining. Just because of this, I have decided that I hate flying. Taking-off is awesome because you get to feel the power of jet engines, but the rest is horrid. And before you quote that saying “It’s about the journey, not the destination”, you can just bugger off. Flying is overrated. It might be nicer if you fly with Emirates Business Class where you get your own little cabin with a bed, kitchen, desk and bathroom (with shower), but for me it’s awful.

Now, just to clarify, I love road trips. Driving, stopping to pee, driving, stopping to eat, driving some more, stopping to buy whatever limited edition toy cars Shell has that year, driving again… that’s fun. Sitting cramped in a ridiculously small space for 8+ hours is just silly. I say ‘BRING BACK AIRSHIP TRAVEL!’

Yes it would take three times longer than a Boeing 777-300 to fly from O.R. Tambo to Horus, Cairo, but it would be a lot more relaxing. Having your own cabin, eating dinner in one of the restaurants, a midnight ‘dop’ in the bar and maybe even going for a Jacuzzi in the early hours of a Wednesday morning. That would be awesome! Hugely expensive and the company in charge would no doubt go bankrupt within a year, but awesome none-the-less.

Also, I typed this from my seat on Egypt Air, Flight MS840, Seat 24H long after midnight. Feeling like I can sleep for a week. Oh, and don’t forget my numb bum.

Star Wars… Yay!

Now, I just read that Star Wars Episode VIII will begin filming this month in Skellige Michael, Ireland. Apparently people thought it was a reshoot for a scene because the ending of Episode VII coincides with the beginning of VIII. I did not know this as I’m not one of those people who went and looked at all the leaked photos and stuff. The only leaked photo I saw was on of J.J. Abrams standing in front of an X-Wing.

All of the leaked stuff came up on my Facebook Wall as I ‘follow’ many Star Wars related pages, but even before they started filming Episode VII, I decided I wasn’t going to look at leaks. This is because I want to experience the feeling Starwarsians had in 1980 and 1983 when they went to the cinemas for The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. The feeling of excitement and concern, not knowing what to expect from this instalment of your favourite interplanetary adventure series.

I had this sort of feeling only with one movie. When we went to watch The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, I didn’t expect much. I mean, the trailer looked good, but it is a Ben Stiller film. So it was either serious to the point of being boring, or it would be inappropriate to the point of walking out of the cinema. Much to my surprise, it was brilliant! The story is very well done, the visuals are magnificent and the musical score comes very close to John Williams or Hans Zimmer. I will no doubt tip my hat to Ben Stiller if I ever meet him.

But anyway, I am a guy who has only seen the Star Wars movies once, apart from Episode II and V (and instantly fell in love with them), and who also quite likes the prequel trilogy because the special effects are better and I love the Clone Wars to bits. However because of this, I cannot judge or comment of Starwarsian matters. Heck, I will probably be cast into a pit with Jabba’s rancor just for saying these things…

The Green Glory

Today I am sad. Well happy, but sad too.

Recently I saw the new Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Legacy Edition in all its green glory. It is a magnificent machine. Absolutely ridiculous, but awesome!


I am immensely happy that it exists, but sad that it will be the last of its kind (apart from some American automobile manufacturers’ models). I say this because as you might or might not know, it has one of the best engines ever created at its heart – the M156 Naturally Aspirated 6.2L V8. The Germans don’t do N/A anymore – only Volkswagen does with their 1.2l to 2.0l, but they are slow. BMW phased out N/A engines with the 5.0l V10 from the E60 M5. Audi was never really big fans of N/A engines, – just the 4.2l V8 and now the 5.2l V10, both of which was and still is in the R8.

As a South African, I am extremely honoured that the only ten Legacy Editions made their way to SA. I don’t know if it’s because we are biggest fans of the C63, whether it has to do with emissions regulations or if Mercedes just decided it was a good idea. I don’t know and I don’t care. I’m just honoured.

I love that car. In some ways even more than the SLS (for you who don’t know me personally, the SLS is my favourite car in all its gull winged awesomeness). Yes the SLS looks beautiful from any angle, but the C63 Legacy is probably Mercedes’ last ‘F**k you!’ model to the law people who oppose big, stupendous, ways of taking the kids to school in a plume of smoke…